Secure Data Destruction

Secure Data Destruction

Data destruction can be carried out on hard drives, data tapes, magnetic tapes, CD’s, USB sticks, solid state drives, mobile phones, PDA’s optical media, credit and identity cards.

Data Wiping

EFACS eliminates the requirement for any data stored on assets to be accessed after it has left the customer’s custody and where data erasure is a requirement, we offer independently insured CESG certified software, Blancco  (HMG1A Standard No 5)data erasure. This service can be carried out on or off site and generates a report legally guaranteeing that all data held on the device is either destroyed or otherwise rendered permanently unobtainable in line with data security standards.


Where electronic data-wiping is not appropriate or should fail to meet the required standard, we offer complete physical destruction of any data bearing devices using a high performance hard drive shredder. The shredder is compliant with DIN 66399, the European Security Standard for the shredding or destruction of all types of digital and magnetic media and incorporates a special dual cutting system which produces particles of 10mm or smaller.


We also offer on-site disk crushing. In less than 10 seconds, the powerful operation of the crusher punches out the motor and the disk platters are torn, rippled and contaminated, making any kind of data retrieval impossible. Customers can also put the destroyed hard drives through the shredder afterwards, for complete destruction.

Again, a report will be produced for each device that is destroyed.